Definition Of gauzy


resembling gauze; thin and translucent.

a gauzy dress

Example Of gauzy

  • A delicate wing, gauzy and transparent, spread in her hands, spanning her fingers, its lacy intricacy provoking a thoughtful quietness, a sad wistfulness.

  • A tense energy hovers about these forms that float just above or just beneath gauzy clouds of paint.

  • And the lady friends who are invited to the picnic are arrayed in the lightest of attire - gauzy looking white or coloured dresses that seem as though a puff of wind would float them away and leave their owners lamenting.

  • Another repetitive melodic pattern, this time on acoustic guitar, gradually transforms into a primordial soup of computer bleeps, clicks, and eventually, thin tendrils of gauzy drone.

  • But there was no chance in hell I could get my hands on that baby, so I settled for the blue gauzy dress that lay on my bed.

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