Definition Of gather


a part of a garment that is gathered or drawn in.

This can be accomplished at side seams, the center back seam, gathers , pleats, darts or a combination of the above.

bring together and take in from scattered places or sources.

we have gathered the information

come together; assemble or accumulate.

a crowd gathered in the square

develop a higher degree of.

the green movement is gathering pace

infer; understand.

her clients were, I gathered, a prosperous group

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Example Of gather

  • A big crowd gathered around the freshly painted Red Cross Centre to join in the celebrations of the new facilities to the region.

  • A crowd gathered around one of the burned-out cars.

  • After two quick rounds of food gathering , the students learn about the variety of animal species that live underground and glean insight into their fragile cave habitat.

  • And judging from the crowds gathered around the trophy and the queues looping around the Brunel Plaza, the tour looks to be on target for success.

  • As my steep decline into grumpy old manhood gathers pace, I realise I no longer know how to manage even the simplest of contemporary transactions.

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