Definition Of fuzz


(of hair) become fluffy or frizzy.

her hair fuzzed out uncontrollably in the heat

a fluffy or frizzy mass of hair or fiber.

a fuzz of black hair

make or become blurred or indistinct.

snow fuzzes the outlines of the signs

the police.

It wound up being right across from a police station, and after a little while the fuzz came out and told us to move.

Example Of fuzz

  • a fuzz of black hair

  • A young man, tan-skinned, with his hair shorn down to a round fuzz , opened the passenger door.

  • And it does, eventually climaxing into a churning maelstrom of distorted fuzz .

  • Boston's got a heavier, wetter snow than Vermont where it was a lot colder and the snow removal up there was akin to blowing on a dandelion puff of little white fuzz and all of the little parachute seeds scatter.

  • Both albums relish shimmering percussion tracks and blindingly reflective surface washes, whereas others in the alliance fuzz everything out in a glowering haze.

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