Definition Of fullness


(of a person's body or part of it) the state of being filled out so as to produce a rounded shape.

the childish fullness of his cheeks

the state of being filled to capacity.

scores of cans in different states of fullness

Example Of fullness

  • A small amount of soy sauce lent extra depth and fullness .

  • An immediate sense of fullness suffused her, as if she had been waiting for just this thing to feel complete.

  • Audio is very clear, and music comes through with fullness and resonance, although it is not a major feature of the film.

  • By analyzing the mechanics and stress vectors of my chest exercises, I was able to reapply them with fresh techniques that gave my chest a much rounder and wider fullness , wrapping my pecs farther around my rib cage.

  • Chelsea lifts a finger and draws a line from his cheek to the fullness of his lips.

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