Definition Of frolic


(of an animal or person) play and move about cheerfully, excitedly, or energetically.

Edward frolicked on the sand

a playful action or movement.

his injuries were inflicted by the frolics of a young filly

cheerful, merry, or playful.

a thousand forms of frolic life

Example Of frolic

  • A little quick, I know, but the major problem is that although I initially thought I just wanted a chance to be charming and have some summertime frolicking , I am getting attached.

  • Also on Friday night there was plenty of fun and frolics with the ever-popular wheelbarrow race making a welcome return while it was in many of the local pubs that the festival kicked off in earnest.

  • And when you run out of ideas as a filmmaker, stick a soft rock ballad on the soundtrack and do a montage of lovers frolicking .

  • At last, lambs frolic in the fields as white fluffy clouds bob overhead.

  • But grasses in the garden have many more uses than hiding bees for the unwary barefoot frolicker .

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