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a character in the novel Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus (1818) by Mary Shelley. Baron Frankenstein is a scientist who creates and brings to life a manlike monster that eventually turns on him and destroys him.

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  • According to environmental activists worldwide, including a growing community of environmentally aware American consumers, giant biotechnology companies are releasing an increasing number of Frankenstein's monsters into the world food supply.

  • But the demand for immediate profit by investors and rampant political corruption guaranteed that it would be a Frankenstein's monster from the outset.

  • For example, you can explore the novel Frankenstein , its author Mary Shelley, and the scientific discoveries that inspired Shelley to write her popular tale.

  • I think the mixture of big money and bigotry has to be guarded against and fought because now it has become a sort of Frankenstein's monster .

  • In 1818 Mary Shelley published Frankenstein , a warning that we would be destroyed by our own technological hubris.

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