Definition Of foul


(in sports) an unfair or invalid stroke or piece of play, especially one involving interference with an opponent.

It was a tough time for the French and Silvestre, having already been booked for a foul on Gillespie, just couldn't contain the winger in the 69th minute.

(in sports) commit a foul against (an opponent).

The keeper fouled his opponent but avoided a red card.

(of a ship) collide with or interfere with the passage of (another).

In The Edison [1933] AC 449, the appellants, whose vessel had been fouled by the respondents, claimed damages under various heads.

a disease in the feet of cattle.

containing or charged with noxious matter; polluted.

foul, swampy water

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Example Of foul

  • Afterwards he lay there, breathing the foul air as shallowly as he could.

  • As Shakespeare knew only too well, from foul deeds endless tragedy arises.

  • At least five homes in Moresby Close, Westlea, were swamped by up to six inches of foul water when a brook flooded and sewers burst during a recent downpour.

  • At rush hour the streets are plugged with cars producing vast quantities of toxic gases that foul the air.

  • Canvassing for the leadership contest degenerated into a vicious campaign in which all kinds of foul means including promise of office and bribery were resorted to.

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