Definition Of forte


(especially as a direction) loud or loudly.

The Petrarchian Sonnet is not quite as successful, Cliburn's dynamics favoring mezzo-forte and forte a little too much throughout.

a passage performed or marked to be performed loudly.

But to watch a whiplash rapper ride the crest of an orchestral forte is a genuine awakening.

a thing at which someone excels.

small talk was not his forte

the stronger part of a sword blade, from the hilt to the middle.

The forte is used to parry, the medio to engage and the debole to hit.

Example Of forte

  • Admittedly, his latest two efforts have been less than inspiring, but they both came over hurdles and jumping fences is very much his forte these days.

  • Angst is my forte , so beware the bittersweet angst that is my sword!

  • As noted previously, mathematics is not the Professor's forte - nor even simple sums, apparently.

  • As visitors to this blog may have gathered, all that HTML-squiggle-dot stuff isn't the Professor's forte .

  • Bocelli may be a global singing star, but opera's not his forte .

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