Definition Of forebearing


(of a person) patient and restrained.

You're surrounded by amazingly patient, forbearing people, especially your parents.

politely or patiently restrain an impulse to do something; refrain.

the boy forbore from touching anything

Example Of forebearing

  • According to the way of thinking promoted by Horowitz and the Students for Academic Freedom, however, my forbearing critique would hardly have been enough to absolve the stain of the readings.

  • And that's why evangelicals returned finally to scripture to see what he says about how one is rightly related to God with its implications for how to get along with others and loving others and being forbearing and so forth.

  • Andrea wasn't the sort to nag, rather such a quiet, forbearing type that people would hold her up as an example.

  • ‘I believe that is his daughter's name,’ replied the man with forbearing patience as he ran his eyes up the mast.

  • ‘You have been most forbearing with us during these difficult times,’ Yumni said.

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