Definition Of floozy


a girl or a woman who has a reputation for promiscuity.

This at first appears to be a forgotten reference to the round-heeled shoes worn by floozies in some historical period though, in fact having round heels just means she's more likely to fall over on her back: to be, literally, a pushover.

Example Of floozy

  • After 16 years, Hayes says she is still an ‘insatiable plant lover: I think of myself as a flower floozy .’

  • Anyone who supposes modern British casinos to be peopled by Roger Moore lookalikes in white tuxedos and glamorous floozies in slinky dresses has clearly never visited one.

  • Equally outstanding is Miranda Richardson, who plays both Spider's mother and the floozy his dad brings home from the pub.

  • Even the local floozy Suzy looks like she smells of unshaved armpits, onions, and gin soaked halitosis.

  • For example, if you like the idea of being playfully seduced by 1890s Parisian floozies , you may want to catch A Night at the Moulin Rouge.

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