Definition Of flood


an outpouring of tears or emotion.

Rose burst into such a flood of tears and sobs as I had never seen

an overflowing of a large amount of water beyond its normal confines, especially over what is normally dry land.

in a thousand miles the flood destroyed every bridge

arrive in overwhelming amounts or quantities.

congratulatory messages flooded in

cover or submerge (a place or area) with water.

the dam burst, flooding a small town

Example Of flood

  • a flood barrier

  • a constant flood of callers

  • A lifelong fan - he queued in a sleeping bag to see Leeds in the 1965 Cup Final - Ridsdale could sense one of those tides which, taken at the flood , lead on to fortune.

  • Accurate or not, the flood of bad news appears to be reaching some kind of crescendo.

  • Additional samples were collected near Nauset Inlet on flood and ebb tides and during the day and night at Nauset Harbor and Town Cove stations.

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