Definition Of final


an examination at the end of a term, academic year, or particular class.

He and nine other finalists had to prepare two main course dishes for the healthy catering class final .

coming at the end of a series.

the final version of the report was presented

the final approach of a landing aircraft to a runway.

the plane piloted by Richards was on finals

the last game in a sports tournament or other competition, which decides the winner of the tournament.

The winners of the semi-finals will take part in a county final to decide the winner.

the principal note in a mode.

Often, he seems to set up two possible finals , the ‘tonal’ issue being settled only at the last moment.

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Example Of final

  • final round

  • A very competitive staff versus students match precedes the competition final .

  • Although beaten by stronger opponents, they performed way better than the final scoreline.

  • Although the final result was in doubt up to the closing moments of the game.

  • Altogether, the case could continue for a additional two years before a final decision is reached.

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