Definition Of fetching


achieve (a particular price) when sold.

handwoven blankets and rugs that can fetch as much as $45,000


a fetching little garment of pink satin

cause great interest or delight in (someone).

Nadine thought his deductions were good, but she was not as fetched by them as Larry was

go for and then bring back (someone or something).

he ran to fetch help

inflict (a blow or slap) on (someone).

he always used to slam the gate and try and fetch her shins a wallop

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Example Of fetching

  • And honestly, I found him to be quite fetching , this Pappy of the Southern Wood.

  • And so they got on with it, taking the standard British free-fall nuclear bomb of the time, the fetchingly named Blue Danube, and designing a pressurised, water-tight casing for the land-mine version.

  • Bowker is more scholarly and far better on Orwell's literary influences; Taylor, eager to be fetchingly original, breaks up his chronological account with mini-essays on aspects of Orwell's career and personality.

  • Cash-strapped sponsors of table tennis, billiards and badminton are seriously considering a change in uniform so that its women players look less dowdy and more fetching .

  • Coldplay's music is reassuringly familiar and dependably thoughtful to everyone except, it seems, Chris Martin, who has fetchingly wrapped up their third album in his insecurities.

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