Definition Of feather bed


a bed that has a mattress stuffed with feathers.

provide (someone) with advantageous economic or working conditions.

apart from the fees he earns, a practicing lawyer is not featherbedded in any way

Example Of feather bed

  • Another option is a fluffy feather bed that adds some extra cushion to the mattress and some warmth to the nighttime.

  • ‘I don't know what you're talking about,’ she replied dully flopping onto the feather bed .

  • Before retiring to your cozy feather bed in the antiques-filled 1902 house, slip out to the gazebo-screened hot tub (robe and slippers provided).

  • But instead of lingering outdoors, we head up to our room, where it feels wonderful to kick off our shoes and lie back on the overstuffed feather bed in a room filled with delicate antique furniture.

  • Changing quickly she snuggled down into her soft feather bed and thought of when Shawn and her first met.

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