Definition Of fathoms


a unit of length equal to six feet (approximately 1.8 m), chiefly used in reference to the depth of water.

sonar says that we're in eighteen fathoms

measure the depth of (water).

an attempt to fathom the ocean

understand (a difficult problem or an enigmatic person) after much thought.

he could scarcely fathom the idea that people actually lived in Las Vegas

Example Of fathoms

  • A couple of miles off Punta Arena the water is said to drop away into 100 fathoms or 600-feet, and double that distance just beyond the Pulmo Shoals.

  • A rock had suddenly risen out of the depths not three fathoms from the point of the bow.

  • All nets had to be licensed annually and were taxed at the rate of five dollars for every net 65 fathoms in length or smaller.

  • an attempt to fathom the ocean

  • As the standard length of rope required just to drop anchor was 120 fathoms , the market was a big one.

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