Definition Of exaggerations


a statement that represents something as better or worse than it really is.

it would be an exaggeration to say I had morning sickness, but I did feel queasy

Example Of exaggerations

  • A cursory review of the reportage in this conflict reveals misinformation, disinformation, mistakes, exaggerations , lies and propaganda flowing freely in all directions.

  • And it is part of a pattern of exaggerations about exaggerations which is taking a bad turn in this campaign.

  • Beneath the cinematic exaggerations and over-statements, there lies a vein of historical truth.

  • Even worse, while typographical errors were maintained, a sprinkling of unfounded exaggerations were inserted to strengthen the claims made in the thesis.

  • For their credulity, they are showered with lies, exaggerations and half-truths, all of which find a sizable percentage of proponents among the voters.

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