Definition Of elbow


strike (someone) with one's elbow.

one player had elbowed another in the face

the joint between the forearm and the upper arm.

she propped herself up on one elbow

treat (a person or idea) dismissively.

his new TV talk show was elbowed aside in the ratings war

Example Of elbow

  • Again there was a delay at the barrier and all the leaving passengers had to elbow their way past us.

  • And I'm not entirely sure yet which is going to elbow the other aside.

  • Atkinson was attempting to push away a player who he claimed was trying to elbow him in the face.

  • Critical zones on a gown are the cuff to the elbow , sleeve seams, and the front of the gown.

  • Grabbing her other arm, he pulled the sleeve up to her elbow .

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