Definition Of effrontery


insolent or impertinent behavior.

one juror had the effrontery to challenge the coroner's decision

Example Of effrontery

  • A lot of it's just effrontery , sheer brazen nerve, and a sort of monstrous cockiness.

  • As for this ‘cross party reform group’, I can think of nothing less democratic or more dangerous; and what effrontery to ask us to support them.

  • But O'Duffy's admiration for the sheer effrontery of the man persisted, and he arranged for another trial to be held in conjunction with the Irish championships.

  • But the police and a jingoistic public ensure that such effrontery is suitably decried and the witnesses end up regretting having spoken the truth.

  • Even the French, accustomed to such effrontery from their leaders, especially their current one, could only gasp in disbelief, or at least shrug their shoulders in resignation.

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