Definition Of earmark


a characteristic or identifying feature.

this car has all the earmarks of a classic

a congressional directive that funds should be spent on a specific project.

For example, some members of Congress post some earmark requests online.

a mark on the ear of a domesticated animal indicating ownership or identity.

designate (something, typically funds or resources) for a particular purpose.

the new money will be earmarked for cancer research

mark the ear of (an animal) as a sign of ownership or identity.

Condition scoring is also useful for earmarking cattle as they come close to finish as sometimes farmers who are looking at the same cattle each day can be unaware of the degree of finish achieved.

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Example Of earmark

  • A further £750,000 will be earmarked for community-driven activities centring on education and cohesion.

  • About $320 million of those funds would be earmarked for discretionary spending by the transportation authority.

  • Also, a portion of the proceeds will be earmarked for providing school fees for poor children for the coming academic year.

  • Also, remember John McCain's famous line about earmarks from the campaign trail.

  • As publishers and record companies looked for the earmarks of potential long-term hits, several releases in late 1941 exploited early returns from the front.

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