Definition Of dull


(of a person) slow to understand; stupid.

the voice of a teacher talking to a rather dull child

lacking brightness, vividness, or sheen.

his face glowed in the dull lamplight

lacking interest or excitement.

your diet doesn't have to be dull and boring

make or become dull or less intense.

time dulls the memory

Example Of dull

  • A good wheel gives a true ring, a cracked one responds with a dull sound.

  • A great way to get those green fingers moving in the winter months with the added bonus of perhaps brightening up a dull corner of the living room.

  • All through her tantrum she felt the pain inside of her, but with after a half an hour her pain subsided into a dull ache.

  • As a result, when it reaches the British Isles it tends to produce dull , overcast weather often with drizzle.

  • As he stood he felt every bone in his body ache with a dull pain.

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