Definition Of drop


(in sports) fail to win (a point, game, or match).

The Chinese have yet to drop a match and have only conceded two goals while Germany started well before going through a dry patch during the pool phase.

a delivery.

I got to the depot and made the drop

a piece of candy or a lozenge.

a lemon drop

a section of theatrical scenery lowered from the flies; a drop cloth or drop curtain.

Judd's sets consisted of green and blue upstage drops that moved through a number of positions but did not further encroach on the open space of the stage.

a small round or pear-shaped portion of liquid that hangs or falls or adheres to a surface.

the first drops of rain splashed on the ground

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Example Of drop

  • A drop of rain fell onto my nose, which sent a chill down my back.

  • A £40 million pipeline has never carried a drop of water since it was built in North Yorkshire more than seven years ago.

  • a chocolate drop

  • A fitter person can experience a drop of more than 50 beats in the first minute.

  • A short distance from this site, Mr Tobin stops his van at the side of the mountain road where there is a steep drop to a stream.

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