Definition Of dresden


a city in eastern Germany, the capital of Saxony, on the Elbe River; population 504,800 (est. 2006). It was almost totally destroyed by Allied bombing in 1945.

porcelain ware with elaborate decoration and delicate colorings, made originally at Dresden and (since 1710) at nearby Meissen.

a fine Dresden china cup

Example Of dresden

  • a fine Dresden china cup

  • a mantel filled with Dresden figures

  • Bookcases line the walls, a fire crackles in the fireplace, Victorian portraits hang on the walls, Dresden china and bric-a-brac clutter the mantelpiece.

  • Purled off with accuracy and ease, it came closer to the ‘ Dresden china ’ approach than I should have liked.

  • She shot her a grateful half-smile and descended on their boss with a Dresden china cup.

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