Definition Of drag


(of a person) inhale the smoke from (a cigarette).

Smoking a cigar is altogether different from dragging on a cigarette.

(of time, events, or activities) pass slowly and tediously.

the day dragged—eventually it was time for bed

a boring or tiresome person or thing.

working nine to five can be a drag

a strong-smelling lure drawn before hounds as a substitute for a fox or other hunted animal.

If he took the time to investigate this issue further he would find that video evidence is available showing greyhounds enthusiastically following a drag lure.

a thing that is pulled along the ground or through water, in particular.

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Example Of drag

  • A sudden and unexplained loss of data from its sensors was followed by signs that the shuttle's wing was encountering drag , or increased wind resistance.

  • And if you're still not convinced life's a drag , several annoying but mercifully brief musical numbers jackhammer the point home.

  • As more line is pulled from the reel, the amount of drag will increase without the lever or star being touched.

  • At higher speeds, air drag supplies a force that must be counteracted by the engine, again consuming more fuel.

  • At present, they are more of an economic drag and a liability.

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