Meaning Of downturn


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Definition Of downturn


a decline in economic, business, or other activity.

a downturn in the housing market

turn (something) downward.

his downturned mouth

Example Of downturn

  • a downturn in the housing market

  • Adult tabularial surfaces very gently convex, or slightly depressed periaxially, downturned in interseptal loculi and deeply depressed in cardinal siphonofossula.

  • And with the prolonged stock market downturn , employers are running out of the time for smoothing out prior losses.

  • As he looked at Rose there was relief in the small face with its downturned mouth, and something of hope came into the boy's eyes as he noted that she didn't have copper hair or blue eyes.

  • As the door opened, he pulled one hand out, his thin, downturned mouth lifting into a charming smile that revealed a slight overbite.

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