Definition Of dotty


(of a person, action, or idea) somewhat mad or eccentric.

he was slightly dotty by the end of his second term

Example Of dotty

  • A grand-daughter helping her slightly dotty grand-dad tie his tie is the sort of schmaltz that sucks me in.

  • Amanda is played as a rather ditsy daughter of Australia's haute bourgeoisie by Wynter, who brings a glacial dottiness to the role.

  • And is it better to have one sane and one mad mother/mother-in-law, or is better that they are both equally just slightly dotty ?

  • And on Broadway in the 1930s there was a belief that dottiness was a token of individuality: the most famous example was You Can't Take it with You, which gaudily celebrated family wackiness.

  • Back then, he seemed to be living on another planet, a delightfully dotty and scholarly man untouched by the more mundane aspects of the modern world.

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