Definition Of dollop


a shapeless mass or blob of something, especially soft food.

great dollops of cream

add (a shapeless mass or blob of something) casually and without measuring.

Chekov stopped him from dolloping sugar into his coffee

Example Of dollop

  • a dollop of romance here and there

  • A couple of years ago we'd be blasé about it because, it was taken for granted that you could raise dollops of cash and break into the meteoric world of the industry.

  • And they will all be waiting expectantly, not just for the dollops of neighbourhood gossip that is served up in such places.

  • As soon as the meeting was over, they contacted reporters with near-verbatim accounts of the participants' behavior in a frantic series of accusations and denials, spiced with dollops of invective.

  • But for all the lingering on inky skies or globular dollops of snow outside a window pane, the story never meanders.

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