Definition Of divider


a measuring compass, especially one with a screw for making fine adjustments.

The little kids did not like what we said and had their compasses and dividers out, ready to give us a poke so we scooted out.

a person or thing that divides a whole into parts.

They feed on it because they would love to divide it and there are people like that I've always called the dividers .

Example Of divider

  • A pair of dividers , which is a weaker tool than a compass, enables one to transfer distances.

  • All the dividers , parcel shelf and the false floor can be completely removed if the whole space is required.

  • As a postscript, I just find it interesting that the big theme seems to be that he is a divider .

  • As Olson walks through the office, the fast-multiplying staff peek over their office dividers .

  • ‘Like a person using a pair of giant dividers ,’ observed Ken.

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