Definition Of distributive

(of a determiner or pronoun) referring to each individual of a class, not to the class collectively, e.g., each , either.

(of an operation) fulfilling the condition that, when it is performed on two or more quantities already combined by another operation, the result is the same as when it is performed on each quantity individually and the products then combined.

In math, people usually talk about the distributive property of one operation over another.

a distributive word.

concerned with the supply of goods to stores and other businesses that sell to consumers.

transportation and distributive industries

Example Of distributive

  • A distributive logic entails essentially noncooperative bargaining, a focus on the winlose distribution of a fixed pool of resources.

  • A final point concerns my proclivity in this essay to reach for South African examples to illuminate distributive politics in the United States.

  • Approximately two million people worked in the retail and distributive trades.

  • At the distributive level, they compete with office supply distribution networks that supply big companies.

  • Banking, finance and insurance have also been hit with nearly 3000 job losses and the distributive trade has also been badly affected with 2720 job losses.

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