Definition Of disquieting


inducing feelings of anxiety or worry.

he found Jean's gaze disquieting

make (someone) worried or anxious.

she felt disquieted at the lack of interest the girl had shown

Example Of disquieting

  • A disquieting and disturbing aspect of the case was that the accused had become an arrestee, detainee and confessor of a crime before he was a suspect.

  • A little disquietingly , as we finished, a gargantuan electric storm blew up in all directions and we had to run for home.

  • A whistle-stop tour of the world makes disquieting reading.

  • Although I am unsure as to why Pule's pieces are so violent looking it has to be said that the disquieting imagery of the blood red clouds make his pieces the most powerful in the exhibition.

  • And there is a disquietingly squeamish quality about them.

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