Meaning Of disputatious

हठी बेलगाम ज़िद्दी

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Definition Of disputatious


fond of or causing heated arguments.

a congenial hangout for disputatious academics

Example Of disputatious

  • A more accurate portrayal than Carley's would be that of an arrogant and disputatious Soviet side insisting on extreme demands and refusing to reach an agreement based on conditions that Western leaders could responsibly have met.

  • A penchant for disputatiousness has led to numerous quarrels with fellow radicals, including Foreman.

  • Biographer Brenda Maddox describes Rosalind as a disputatious kind of woman with some personality problems.

  • But perhaps because revolutionaries are by nature contentious and intellectuals disputatious , it was not long before the 1903 congress was riven with disagreement, which developed into dissension and animosity.

  • Chirac has been lofted to a pinnacle of popularity, with virtually no public dissent, even from France's normally disputatious intellectuals.

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