Definition Of dishonors


bring shame or disgrace on.

the mayor dishonors his good battle by resorting to sniping

fail to observe or respect (an agreement or principle).

the community has its own principles it can itself honor or dishonor

Example Of dishonors

  • A number of those cheques were dishonoured because there were insufficient funds, but she was able to continue because of good financial history.

  • A paying bank may dishonour the cheque - refuse to pay it - if the customer is not in funds, or if there is not a sufficiently agreed overdraft at the time it is presented.

  • A week later, still hesitating in a rather noticeable manner before sitting down, the errant batman discovered that his pay-cheque was also dishonoured .

  • Among gay men claiming that sexuality was a big factor in immigrating, ‘the first thing they feared was deep shame about dishonoring and hurting their families’ by coming out.

  • ‘Nobody has made me any proposals in that sense,’ the ambassador said, noting that the allegations dishonour his reputation.

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