Definition Of disestablishes


deprive (an organization, especially a country's national church) of its official status.

The English grant was abolished in 1851, the Irish in 1869 when the Irish church was disestablished , though with compensation for the Presbyterians.

Example Of disestablishes

  • A decree issued in February 1918 disestablished the Church and confirmed the equality of all religious faiths before the law.

  • At a minimum they clearly meant to preclude the federal government from interfering in religious matters, but equally clearly they did not intend to disestablish state churches or authorize the federal government to do so.

  • By 1833, all of the original 13 states had disestablished their churches, largely due to Madison's influence.

  • Effectively the memorial is disestablished , or if you like, taken apart.

  • Gladstone began to tackle Ireland's oppressive landlordism and disestablished the Irish Protestant church in 1869.

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