Definition Of dim


(of a light, color, or illuminated object) not shining brightly or clearly.

her face was softened by the dim light


make or become less bright or distinct.

a smoky inferno that dimmed the sun

not clearly recalled or formulated in the mind.

she had dim memories of that time

Example Of dim

  • A few minutes later the lights began to dim and the curtain rose.

  • About half of the 20 young women are otherwise engaged in the Champagne Room, a dim , closet-size space that holds half a dozen couples.

  • All that weighed upon his mind suddenly grew dim and trivial.

  • Although it does seem like a dim and distant memory now, I still remember people being hanged in Britain during my lifetime.

  • As the star got larger and larger and almost unbearably bright, the light started to dim , fading away behind them.

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