Synonyms Of diastema

Definition Of diastema


a gap between the teeth, in particular.

The length of p2 is 45 mm, and its width 14 mm; it is followed by a diastema of 23 min.

Example Of diastema

  • As in the traversodonts, a large gap - the diastema - separated the incisors from the square cheek teeth (seven on each side).

  • Coleman was so much cuter with his diastema , but no, he had to undergo some dental procedure to remove his gap. "I'd rather see the gap," Castro said.

  • If a horse has a narrower diastema , a smaller or flatter palate, and/or a fat or thick tongue, a thinner bit may be far more comfortable in that horse's mouth than a thick one.

  • Incisors and canines are absent, but the anterior cheek teeth are enlarged, triangular in cross section, and canine-like. They are separated from the rest of the cheek teeth by a diastema .

  • The bit sits in a part of the horse's mouth called the diastema , which is a section devoid of teeth that lies between the front incisors and the back pre-molars and molars.

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