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Definition Of diasporas


Jews living outside Israel.

Even if, as Sharon postulates, there is a further incoming of 1 million Jews from the diaspora , there is an inevitability about population trends which would threaten the very existence of a Jewish state.

Example Of diasporas

  • A consequence of the Hindu diaspora is an increased number of Hindus marrying outside their community, as subsequent generations become more and more identified with their new country.

  • All these stories connect across and beyond the continent, as Africans reached out to the diaspora and elsewhere to form new identities as a means of countering forces that would subordinate them.

  • Apart from members of the diaspora investing back home, the government should help Indian industry set up base in countries where there is a significant Indian diaspora .

  • At that stage the diaspora was connected through the personal chains of migration between national territories not yet systematically regulated by passports and border controls.

  • Authors cover a wide span of issues ranging from life to death, from this world to the world to come, from medicine to mediation, and from traditional cultures to the diaspora in the west.

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