Definition Of devilry


wicked activity.

some devilry was afoot

Example Of devilry

  • A deep laughter coming from beside me completes the illusion of devilry , and in imagining my assailant images of animalistic ritual costumes spring to mind.

  • a perverse sense of devilry urged her to lead him on

  • A trade group for the US recording industry is targeting ISPs in its latest bid to rid the world of Napster-style devilry .

  • An earlier authority, Dallas in Kettner's Book of the Table, had stated that devils were of two kinds, the dry and the wet, but had also commented: It is the great fault of all devilry that it knows no bounds.

  • As the moth leaves, the Isengard motif returns, driving itself like the machinery it represents as we see the devilry that Saruman is creating below the tower.

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