Definition Of desuetude

a state of disuse.

the docks fell into desuetude

Example Of desuetude

  • Although some writers consider that general principles as a source of international law have virtually fallen into desuetude , others give the concept a more substantive content.

  • Docusoaps have achieved an unexpectedly large audience given the rather sad history of documentary in the Reithian public service tradition and the desuetude of ABC Documentary departments and in-house training.

  • Even if tea were indeed the virtuous drink of an industrious sobriety, something other than rational health benefits must have been the spur, otherwise tobacco and opiates would have fallen into desuetude .

  • He shakes his head at the thought of these bygone decencies now fallen into desuetude .

  • In its external manifestation, the new stage ballet represented a revival of the old court ballet, which had fallen into desuetude when Louis XIV had ceased to dance in 1670.

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