Definition Of depose


question (a witness) in deposition.

He calmly walked 60 feet toward a glass-walled conference room where lawyers were deposing a witness in a labor dispute.

remove from office suddenly and forcefully.

he had been deposed by a military coup

testify to or give (evidence) on oath, typically in a written statement.

every affidavit shall state which of the facts deposed to are within the deponent's knowledge

Example Of depose

  • A final reason was to reinstate an elected government illegally deposed by force.

  • A military coup in 1955 deposed him, sending him into exile first in Paraguay and ultimately in Madrid.

  • A person in the legal secretariat to the Law Officers deposed to the contrary.

  • Before he could make the trip, however, he was deposed by the May 27 military coup.

  • But even though he was unceremoniously deposed from office last year, could the mild-mannered leader really be capable of such deeds?

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