Synonyms Of dell


Definition Of dell


a small valley, usually among trees.

lush green valleys and wooded dells

Example Of dell

  • I called the fairy dell , not noticing the strangeness

  • I could hear the milk-maids' buckets clatter, the cows lowing in the dell , and the indentured servant boy's tortured cries as he was being flogged.

  • There is a mystic beauty lurking in its vales and dells , which lifts the soul above the realms of time and space, and makes the beholder sense the presence of the divine.

  • There was much talk of shady dells with dappled sunlight, satin sheets and rose petals, fluffy bunnies, tissues, anything that might make the deal sound sweet to both parties.

  • They ran through the city, carrying power through what use to be forests and peaceful dells .

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