Definition Of defile


(of troops) march in single file.

we emerged after defiling through the mountainsides

a steep-sided, narrow gorge or passage (originally one requiring troops to march in single file).

In setting up fire pockets, an advantageous front line configuration is chosen, in gaps between strongholds, approaches to commanding heights, choke points, defiles , valleys, gorges, etc.

sully, mar, or spoil.

the land was defiled by a previous owner

Example Of defile

  • Always the showman, he once hired a falcon to deter pigeons from defiling their sparkling new offices in Victoria.

  • And so the Path led me by many narrow defiles and crumbling ridges to the mouth of a cave.

  • And then, you know, the reality is that the image never conforms to the reality and sooner or later, the image is going to be defiled and everybody is going to be enraged.

  • Atalanta and Hippomenes are changed to lions for defiling a sacred shrine.

  • ‘Your hands are too dirty to defile the hilt of my mentor's sword,’ said Wolfus, as he kept back his sword.

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