Definition Of debauch


a bout of excessive indulgence in sensual pleasures, especially eating and drinking.

To his credit, Boswell never sought to downplay his debauches .

destroy or debase the moral purity of; corrupt.

Is it ethical to do so, is it moral to debauch one's artistic integrity at the altar of Oscar greed?

Example Of debauch

  • A return to a standard once lost is a painful and laborious journey… As Cobden once said of the greenbacks, after the debauch comes the headache.

  • And then some unscheduled odd event - a thrilling novel, an unexpected phone call, a bout of debauch - will push the envelope, and the gears will start to spin.

  • Assuming the ancestral title Lord Boleskine, he quickly became known locally as the ‘Beast of Boleskine’ for his heroin addiction and reputation as a debaucher of vulnerable women.

  • Cue drum intro and hip-shaking guitar riff as I roll out of bed groggy and a bit down after the previous night's debauch , knowing that soon I'm about to feel either much better or much worse.

  • Given enough drugs, money and the right opportunities, anyone can debauch themselves.

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