Definition Of dear


at a high cost.

they buy property cheaply and sell dear


I don't use the blank rune any longer, but before the Age of the Internet when information was dear and costly, I used it and didn't have a problem with it.

regarded with deep affection; cherished by someone.

a dear friend

used as an affectionate or friendly form of address.

don't you worry, dear

used in expressions of surprise, dismay, or sympathy.

oh dear, I've upset you

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Example Of dear

  • "Are you suggesting, dear sir, that we spoke to a ghost?

  • "Good morning dear , " they both said as the three exchanged kisses.

  • "He'll be fine, don't worry dear , " Trudy confirmed.

  • "It is so good to see you, as well, brother dear .

  • "Now dear , it is quite alright to cry in situations like these.

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