Definition Of darns


a place in a garment that has been darned.

Near evening in the cool blue mountains, I would sit and smoke my pipe, surveying the exquisite landscape all around, forest dotted here and there with the patches of beautiful vegetable gardens like darns in an old garment.

mend (knitted material or a hole in this) by weaving yarn across the hole with a needle.

I don't expect you to darn my socks

Example Of darns

  • Aiming for the best possible results, I took an ultra-casual approach, snatching up ingredients at random while drinking a glass of wine, reading a newspaper and darning a hole in my daughter's socks.

  • Air conditioning is darned expensive but somewhat less disruptive than moving house.

  • And being so close to the stage I could see the darns in the showgirls' tights, so much for the glamour of Show Biz!

  • ‘You darn a sock, dear,’ she said slowly and clearly, making sure he understood.

  • But the basic problem is that the Space Shuttle is just too darned expensive and inefficient as a reliable space transportation system.

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