Definition Of darkling

of or relating to growing darkness.

the darkling sky

Example Of darkling

  • A cold wind fell out of the darkling , late-autumn sky, rushing down the sides of the little valley and bumping into the house with a start.

  • In the late afternoon and well on into the darkling evening Graham pottered happy as something that's very happy indeed, pulling out the winter wall-flowers, planting out the new salvias, and potting up the grasses and the thrift.

  • One evening recently I was walking with 2-year-old Kaya in the light of sunset when she pointed to the western sky above the darkling mountains and shouted: ‘Pink!’

  • We had, after all, assembled at the Winnock Hotel, on the darkling winter banks of Loch Lomond, for an evening of ‘murder-mystery entertainment’.

  • When I got back I sat for a while, enjoying a ciggy, and watching the water fowl settling for the night on the darkling waters.

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