Definition Of daily


a newspaper published every day except Sunday.

Indian Express Newspapers publishes dailies with a combined readership of more than 5 million, including the highly influential Indian Express and Financial Express.

a woman who is employed to clean someone's house each day.

The Blethering Classes pretended their daily help or the woman in the corner shop was worried.

done, produced, or occurring every day or every weekday.

a daily newspaper

every day.

the museum is open daily

the first prints from cinematographic takes, made rapidly for movie producers or editors; the rushes.

Looking through dailies , Capra spied a blond, squeaky voiced lady who caught his eye.

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Example Of daily

  • A friend of mine has escaped the daily grind for a jaunt to Paris.

  • A new method of calculating costs should be devised, with barristers paid on a monthly or yearly basis, or for work done, rather than a daily rate.

  • According to the Italian daily La Repubblica, he was there to press the details of the Niger-uranium story.

  • All it takes is some staff training, the daily currency rate and a calculator.

  • Another interesting parade is the once or twice daily routine of "pet dogs" being walked past her place.

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