Definition Of daffier


silly; mildly eccentric.

daffy anecdotes

Example Of daffier

  • Brown said when Maynard first mentioned 10 years ago his plan to fly a model plane across the Atlantic, ‘I have to admit that at first I thought he was daffy .’

  • Dora is a middle-aged, life-long aspiring actress who brings a mix of daffy flamboyance and tragic loneliness to the household.

  • Elf is a charmingly daffy movie that feels like a leap back in time to more genuinely heart-warming Christmas fare.

  • Equally impressive is Marjorie Holder as the effusive, slightly daffy Cecily.

  • Gemma Jones says she enjoyed working on Bootleg ‘enormously’ describing Mrs Bubby as ‘a slightly daffy character’ and very different from her usual role.

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