Definition Of crank


(of a sailing ship) easily keeled over, especially by wind or sea through improper design or loading.

Imagine then, the situation of the Ranger's crew, with a top-heavy and crank ship under their feet.

a fanciful turn of speech.

a part of an axle or shaft bent out at right angles, for converting reciprocal to circular motion and vice versa.

The connecting rods connected directly to a crank on the rear axle.

an eccentric person, especially one who is obsessed by a particular subject or theory.

when he first started to air his views, they labeled him a crank

give a bend to (a shaft, bar, etc.).

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Example Of crank

  • A forged crank was considered, but rejected due to cost.

  • a long con rod which acts as a longer lever on the crank

  • And every night, when they start turning the crank , the children come.

  • At the moment, the closest most engine analysts get is taking average readings from the piston crank and the oil sump.

  • Charles Kettering invents the electric starter rendering the hand crank on petrol cars obsolete.

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