Definition Of crackers


a fine example of something.

don't miss this cracker of a CD

a paper cylinder that is pulled apart at Christmas or other celebrations, making a sharp noise and releasing a small toy or other novelty.

And after their roast turkey dinner, the gang pulled the crackers and donned the paper hats.

a person or thing that cracks.

Any right minded code cracker would know what he just told me.

a thin, crisp wafer often eaten with cheese or other savory toppings.

She grabbed a few crackers and cream cheese, grabbed her backpack, and hiked upstairs to start.


if Luke wasn't here I'd go crackers

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Example Of crackers

  • Don't go crackers this Christmas.

  • He had great promise as a young writer in Britain before he went crackers over the paranormal.

  • Seriously impressed judges go crackers for Scottish cheddar.