Definition Of countermand


an order revoking a previous one.

I forthwith mounted, and went off, lest I should receive a countermand

revoke (an order).

an order to arrest the strike leaders had been countermanded

Example Of countermand

  • A servant is sent to try to countermand the order, but Lear enters with Cordelia in his arms.

  • Before the tanks had set off, this order was countermanded once it was clear that they would not be able to reach Charleroi fast enough.

  • Eoin MacNeill, chief of staff of Irish Volunteers, then countermanded the mobilization orders given by Pearse.

  • He has apparently called for support from all over the country to make a stand against the Americans, and the Premier is trying to countermand him.

  • He ordered the police to open fire on the demonstrators but the party's frightened Politburo countermanded the order.

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