Definition Of counteract


act against (something) in order to reduce its force or neutralize it.

should we deliberately intervene in the climate system to counteract global warming?

Example Of counteract

  • A company that comes across important details regarding an opponent's corporate plans and strategies, can swiftly take counteractive measures to blunt the edge of the marketing campaign and reduce the impact of the new corporate moves.

  • A negative force of that magnitude, in my opinion, would not occur without some other counteractive force.

  • Allegedly there's no virus checking software designed to counteract it yet, but there could be a cure by the end of today.

  • And if you don't do it, then the enemy gets ahead because every time you have an advantage a counteraction is created by your adversary to negate that advantage and the process starts again.

  • As blockages are often caused by uncontrollable factors, such as weather, material volatility, or passing time, regular maintenance is one of the best counteractive measures managers can take.

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